The Process

The notion of erecting a permanent, flattering image of me has been kicking around for some time. At last, a bright and diligent student began to promote the idea in 2006 and got the ball rolling to erect a statue of me.

Naturally, a committee was formed (this being Emory) comprising faculty, staff, students and alumni. After soliciting interest from sculptors nationwide the committee reviewed the work of 19, and chose four to present their concepts in person.

It was a tall order–how to capture the grace, the energy, the beauty, the je ne sais quoi, of me. Fortunately one talented and imaginative sculptor emerged with the committees enthusaistic huzzah.

Mathew’s Palmer’s maquette is artful and expressive; a fitting tribute to Emory’s immortal entity. Please click here to view his bio and body of work. The statue will be installed during Emory University’s Homcoming celebrations in September 2008.

Please join me for the festivities.