The Sculptor

He’s imaginative. He’s skilled. Matthew works in a variety of media including stone, bronze, wood and found natural materials. He utilizes these skills to create objects in a broad range of styles from carved architectural elements and bronze representational wildlife to contemporary abstract forms. Many of his most compelling pieces are life-sized or larger animals and human figures. You can find other examples of his work at

I will not be his first commission for a university mascot. He had to work is way up to me.

He began to think big at an early age. By age twelve, he was creating life-size creatures out of masking tape and newspapers in his basement. He later was selected to participate in the vocational fine arts program at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Opting to pass on several major merit scholarships from various art institutes around the country, Matthew decided to get his training hands on. Working full time at Old World Stone Carving for six years, Matthew gained tremendous experience designing and executing commissioned sculptures and architectural elements. In 1995, he started Parallaxis, an endeavor dedicated to educating people about natural science and conservation through public works of art and multimedia events. Matthew currently maintains a studio on San Juan Island, Washington, where his commissions range from miniature to monumental in scale.